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A victim of Nuclear radiation poisoning near Potka, Jadugora UCIL


"TailingPond" is a expose of India’s post-independence nuclear program. This film investigates the horrifying effects of uranium extraction on the health of the indigenous population of Jadugoda, Jharkhand whose human rights have been violated by the Indian government since 1967. In East India, thousands of young children are falling ill and ultimately dying due to radioactive waste pollution. This tragedy has been covered by many credited media platforms and news outlets but never in-depth where the human toll has a face and name. It's time for the Indian Government's decades-long conspiracy of lies to come to light...


This film is dedicated to the children. 


Director/Producer: Saurav Vishnu

Writers: Monica Vishnu

Script Supervisor: Brian Breger 


Narrator: Cynthia Nixon

Executive Producers: Anurag Rudra & Saurav Vishnu

Director of Cinematography: Sanjay Upadhyay & Saurav Vishnu

Production Designer: Anurag Rudra

Editor: John Custodio

Music: Michael Whalen

Sound: Ken Hahn

Legal: Marc H Simon, Fox Rothschild LLP

Production Companies: Golden Fist Films & Lions Roar Productions

Saurav Vishnu moved from India to New York City in 2002. A graduate of engineering it was of no surprise that he immediately fell in love with the aesthetic beauty of his new city. He pursed an MBA in finance and risk management. He began his professional career as an entrepreneur in the field of telecommunications. His success in the industry however could not  overshadow the constant tug his hometown had on his heart. Vishnu visited India in 2016 after 14 years. Upon re-acquaintance with the people of his childhood he found his passion- to tell their stories. The medium by which he chose to tell their stories is film. Tailing Pond is the first of many stories he has yet to tell.   

Production TailingPond


Number of Tailing Ponds in India:


Number of Children who live near Uranium 

mine in Jadugora:


Percentage of Women in Jadugora who have reported miscarriages, disruption in their

menstrual cycle or fertility issues:


Number of reported deaths due to Uranium

exposure in Jadugora since 1967:

At least 100,000

Percentage of Children in Jadugora who are disabled/crippled, mental disorders, sight issues and other serious conditions from Uranium exposure:


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